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I know this bed sheet post is long overdue but I wanted to do the research and do it right! I didn't want to buy sheets and just try them one night, I wanted to wash and test them over and over to be able to give you a recommendation in good faith. I learned a few things along the way....

  1. Bed Sheets get better with every wash. In fact, when you buy a new set I would wash them a 2-3 times before you even using them. I promise just do it.

  2. Bed sheets are very personal, so my preference may be different from yours. I have learned that I like crisp, but soft sheets. Microfiber or warm handed fabrics were not for me, I want them crisp, but not too dry if that makes sense.

  3. While I tried to find affordable options, ultimately I did not love any Amazon or Target options compared to what my recommendations are. If you think about cost per use, bed sheets are something I now realize I am ok spending a little bit more for. Our mind is crazy, I can drop $60 on a top I wear once a month or so, so why is it so hard to justify spending money on bed sheets we use nightly?!

So here are my top 3 recommendations at different price points, I will say the most expensive recommendation is my favorite (ranked in price order).

Kirkland 680 Pima Cotton (Costco) - Yes, Costco once again for the win! This 680 Thread Count 6 Piece Set (Fitted, Flat & 4 Pillowcases) is awesome. I am SO impressed with the quality and softness, for the price point it is unmatched. In stores a queen set is $69.99, online $79.99. Currently there is a sale where each set is $10-$15 off through 5/2.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sateen - this sateen set is soft, but has such a fresh and crisp luxury feel to it, they are worth the hype. The fabric is buttery soft and gets better and better with each wash, the ultimate upgrade to your bed. The brand is currently running a 20% off sale for their birthday through 5/4, so take advantage of the coupon. A queen set is normally $179, but with the coupon will run you $143.

Hotel Collection 680 Supima Cotton (Macy's) - this set was surprisingly my favorite of them all. I don't shop at Macy's anymore but had heard rave reviews on them and they are amazing (again after washing they get better and better). The softness is spot on, but still a crispness that won't make you overheat at night. The only annoying thing is they aren't sold in a set, so you have to individually purchase the Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet and Pillowcase Pair.

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