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bath towels.

Bath towels are one of my most requested items and I wanted to make sure I did the research, but I also heard you loud and clear that the options must be affordable for everyday use and everyone. I have narrowed my picks down to my top 2 recommendations for the best bath towel out there!

- Charisma Luxury Towels (Costco): don't sleep on getting your linens from Costco. These are so fluffy, soft and exactly what you are looking for when you hop out of that shower AND they are under $10 a towel. I promise you these will not disappoint. If you don't have a Costco membership, I found them linked randomly at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99/towel. Costco linked here and Bed Bath & Beyond linked here.

-Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Towels: these towels are just as good if not better- a more premium option with a softer hand feel and slightly less bulky than the Costco ones. They run you $29.99 which is such a good deal compared to a brand like RH or Brooklinen. They are so soft, you can tell the quality is TOP notch and they get softer as your wash them! Linked here.

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