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baby monitors.

As I say with every baby gear post, shopping for a baby monitor is very overwhelming. Do you want it wi-fi based or not? Do you need dual camera functionality? How or where do you want to mount it? A lot of these decisions are personal but I have helped narrow down the top options based on your preferences:⁠

-->Eufy: if you are looking for a traditional monitor that is not wi-fi based buy the Eufy. It is known for its stellar picture quality, 1000 foot range and long battery life. You can also connect up to 4 cameras, so if you have multiple kids the monitor will cycle between them automatically.⁠

Linked here.

-->Nanit Pro Smart: if you are looking for a top notch wi-fi monitor this is a great option. It mounts to the wall and connects to your phone so you can check on baby wherever you are. It also tracks your baby's sleep patterns so you can monitor their development.⁠

⁠Linked here.

-->Google Nest: now this technically is not a baby monitor, but you can easily connect a google nest camera to any Amazon Echo Show or Google Hub. The perk of this is you can view the cameras on your phone and have a hub at home when you have a sitter. You can also use these cameras for home security so when your baby years are over the cameras have a purpose!

Google Nest Camera linked here.

Google Nest Hub linked here.

Echo Show linked here (compatible with a google nest camera)


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