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4th birthday gifts.

Gosh, when you turn 4 I feel like you become a mini adult. Four year olds are are bursting with creativity, critical thinking, building their confidence and really starting to develop their own personal interests and skills. This round up of toys and activities play into all of these things. Happy Birthday!

  1. Kids Camera - every four year old wants to do things themselves and this camera is super fun, can be used in selfie mode too :)

  2. Flybar Pogo Jumper - your kid will burn energy and learn more coordination with their first foam pogo stick. Good for indoor or outdoor use!

  3. Arts & Crafts Library - Kid Made Modern has the best craft kits and this one is stocked with so many fun supplies. I love these and gift them often!

  4. Ride on PlasmaCar - this simple car has no gears, pedals or power. This teaches kids balance and the power of inertia

  5. Butterfly Garden - this is one of the coolest gifts and must buy for kids, they will be absolutely enamored. You buy this kit and after you register it you will be sent caterpillars in the mail and will watch them transform over 3 weeks into butterflies!

  6. Zingo - one of the best first board games for kids! A fun take on Bingo, super interactive and educational.

  7. Karaoke Microphone - this bluetooth, wireless microphone easily connects to any device/app and you just sing away. It also can serve as a speaker. What kid doesn't love to put on their own show!

  8. Decorative Craft Masking Tape - what is it with kids and tape? This fun set of 30 rolls of masking tape will surely bring lots of entertainment. And parents not to worry it won't ruin any surface and is easy to peel.

  9. Science Lab Set - this hands on science kit will foster tons of curiosity with real experiments that are easy to follow

  10. Play Cash Register -one of my favorite things as a kid was to play with fake money and pretend I worked at a grocery store. This cash register encourages endless imaginative play!

  11. Princess Dress Up Set - there is nothing quite like wearing your first pair of heels, I honestly don't think I have ever felt more cool than when I played dress up. This adorable dress up set comes with several shoes and fun accessories.


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