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3rd birthday gifts.

3 year olds are bursting with imagination, curiosity and independence in everything they do! It is my son's 3rd birthday today and here are some awesome age-appropriate toys that are super fun and engaging for this age. Happy Birthday sweet boy, time needs to slow down!!!⁠

  1. Foam Gliding Planes - this set of 4 foam planes are so fun for the outdoors, I shared them in my stories this weekend!

  2. My 1st Painting Set - I love the brand Kid Made Modern and this painting set is the perfect set for your little ones

  3. Remote Control Police & Race Cars - the best first set of remote control vehicles

  4. Ride On Mercedes - your 3 year old will become the coolest one on the block with this set of wheels. Forward and reverse drive and so many real features. Parental remote control is available.

  5. Bucket of Dinosaurs - what kid doesn't love dinosaurs? My son lines all his dinos and animals up a nightly basis

  6. Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow - kids at this age just want to help or do everything on their own. Put them to work outside with this adorable and functional wheelbarrow

  7. Razor Jr. Lil Kick Scooter - this 3 wheel scooter helps your little one learn to ride with added stability

  8. Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Set - 3 year olds are just starting to love imaginary play and this set is so fun for pretend play

  9. Play Makeup Kit - this adorable 13 piece make play set is one of the most realistic sets out there, another perfect gift for imaginary play that won't make a mess

  10. Magna-Tiles -these highly rated magnetic tiles will spark hours of fun play, where your kids can building anything under the sun. Safe and durable, will last you years!

  11. Kids Bowling Set - my son is obsessed with this fun animal bowling set, he is at the age where he can independently set it up and play with it!

  12. Ride On Truck - this ride on is small but powerful and can work on all types of terrain. It has a very realistic design with real power, you can even hook up music to play in it. I love that there is also a remote control feature so as a parent you can take over control of the car if needed from afar.


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