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2nd birthday gifts.

Celebrating your child's 2nd birthday is an absolute blast. Their personality is exploding, they are starting to really piece together these special moments and gift giving is that much more fun. They are busy bees and there are so many fun toys they will go crazy over, here are some of my favs!

  1. Trampoline - need to burn off energy on a rainy day or in winter? This trampoline is a must buy.

  2. Anywhere Chair - every kid needs one of these adorable plush chairs, they feel so special and look so adorable hanging out in them.

  3. Slide - another timeless fan favorite, this slide can be used indoors, outside, into a splash pad, the fun is endless!

  4. Stepping Stones Kit - this set of fun stepping stones is designed to help with balance and coordination. Set up obstacle courses or play follow the leader!

  5. Basketball Hoop - this is one of the top used toys in my house. Adjustable height so it will grow with your kids for years.

  6. Cleaning Set - what is it with kids and cleaning? They love the independence and copying you around the house, so might as well put them to work!

  7. T-Ball Set - such a fun set for your kid to start learning hand/eye coordination

  8. Poke-A-Dot Books -we love these interactive board books with buttons to pop on every page.

  9. Roller Coaster - your 2 year old will be entertained for hours with this fun roller coaster, easy to set up and compact storage. We gave this to my son for his 2nd birthday and he still loves it one year later.


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